Dear Knights, Ladies and Gentlemen, Shields, Novices, Prayers and Friends of the Order,

It is my honor and my pleasure to address you, as the first Grand Magistrate Prior General of the Great Magistrate Priority of Serbia of the Knights of the Temple of Jerusalem.

    Let the future bring us Peace and Love, which are now required for all of us, and let me give you my love and wish you personal happiness and health. For the first time in our history, our State has received the Great Priory of the Knights of the Temple of Jerusalem and, thanks to him, we, the Serbian Templars, have the honor to serve together, Brother with Brother, serving the Lord our Christian faith and civilization and being the protectors of our Holy Church.

    The world is changing, day by day, and every day we are on the verge of huge and irreversible changes. In these conditions, We, the heirs of the Ancient Knights Templar, march abreast of each other guarding the centuries-old tradition of Templar, Our Faith and what is most sacred, Our Families. It is the most sacred that exists, that somewhere was lost in all the misery through which our homeland passed. Thanks to our Order, we are now ready to help the Brothers, the Church, Our Holy and Eternal State, standing equally in the Brotherhood of Love with all Templar Order Members in the World.

    The time passes changing ideals, but God’s commandments and the Knights Principles established by Saint Bernard and Hugues de Payens, the first Great Master of our Order, do not change. The Templar Order has been living for over 900 years and adheres to the basic principle: Today’s Templars, as well as our predecessors, are the protectors of the Christian Faith and the Church, We are the Army of Christ.

    Every Templar of the Great Magistrate Priority of Serbia must know and implement the seven virtuous virtues: Faith, Hope, Charity, Justice, Wisdom, Boldness and Moderation, and to escape the plague and be away from selfishness, careers and mistrust. By implementing these virtues, they will guide you to Knowledge and Wisdom, because they come from God.

I wish all the Members of the Great Priority of Serbia success in this difficult, but blessed way, health, wisdom and love.

God bless you and your families!